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Meat Processing Equipment

  • Smokehouses : Friedrich builds smokehouses that greatly improve cooking results, times and yields.  Multiple models and options ensure a smokehouse that meets your exact meat smoking requirements
  • Smoke Generators : Whether your smoking medium is hickory, fruit trees, mesquite or something else, a Friedrich smoke generator is your assurance that your recipe will always maintain consistency.
  • Roaster/Smokers :  Friedrich's combination roaster smokers have the ability to roast and/or smoke a variety of products, convection air cooking,  and preprogrammed cleaning cycle.  You can economically provide a  wide range of high quality entrees for your customers.
  • Emission Controls : Now you can maintain the distinctive taste that natural smoke adds to your product and still meet area emissions standards.  Friedrich provides a practical, affordable catalyst system to safely eliminate harmful  exhaust substances and ensure your compliance with EPA and other standards.
  • Microprocessor Controls : Ensure the accuracy and consistency of your processes with Friedrich's state-of-the-art controls.

Bakery Equipment

  • Single Rack Baking Ovens : Friedrich's experience with controlled air movement in smoke house products has given rise to an entire new concept for baking ovens.  Laminar flow provides unparalleled consistency for the baking process, and at the same time, complicated (high-maintenance) turntables are completely eliminated with Friedrich's oven design.  FMP baking ovens are available in both electric and natural gas / liquid propane models.
    • Click here to download a 1-page PDF document with details on our FMP-901-E electric version single rack baking oven
    • Click here to download a 1-page PDF document with details on our FMP-901-N or P natural gas/LP version single rack baking oven
  • Double Rack Baking Ovens : For even larger volume baking requirements, the double rack baking oven is just the answer.  Instead of rotating the racks, we move the air  around the racks.  The key is getting the right amount of air movement, and in just the right places, to ensure that baked goods get the gentle, even treatment they need. 
    • Click here to download a 1-page PDF document with details on our FMP-900-E electric version double rack baking oven
    • Click here to download a 1-page PDF document with details on our FMP-900-N or P natural gas/LP version double rack baking oven
  • Bakery Proofing Cabinets : The Friedrich bakery proofer helps you produce consistently high quality bread before it gets into the oven.  Precise control over humidity and rising  conditions (the proofing steps) are especially important because they affect both taste and appearance.

  • Blast Chillers : Quickly and safely lowering product temperatures from the processing  range to the packaging & storage range has become a priority.  Friedrich has combined high velocity air with a precise air flow system to minimize cooling time.

  • Custom Metal Fabrication : Friedrich Metal Products began as a metal fabrication shop. 
    Today we specialize in short to medium runs in stainless steel.  Typical stainless steel items we fabricate include electrical enclosures,  tanks, machine frames, brackets, racks, food processing equipment, ovens, etc.

Company Information

  • History : From its beginnings in New York in 1950 through its relocation to Greensboro, North Carolina in 1985, Friedrich has provided top-notch metal fabrication and innovative products principally for the food processing markets.
  • Facilities/Profile : Our manufacturing plant, located in a major industrial park located just north of Greensboro, provides all modern amenities.  Virtually all aspects of our manufacturing processes are handled in-house.
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  • Technical Documents : Learn more about Friedrich's products and the processes associated with smoking meat products as well as bakery ovens and proofers.
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