Bakery proofer cabinets ... ensure consistent quality in your baked goods.

The smell of freshly baked bread...a loaf still warm from the oven...there's nothing more appealing.  And today's sophisticated consumers want a variety of fresh breads available daily wherever they shop.  An excellent bread program draws customers to your store and builds regular shopper loyalty.  Choose the Friedrich Bakery Proofer and deliver consistent baked goods quality.

Even the best recipes and the right mix of ingredients cannot guarantee quality without control over humidity and rising conditions.  And the proofing step is especially important because it affects both taste and appearance.  The Friedrich Bakery Proofer helps you produce consistently high quality bread before it gets into the oven.

The Friedrich Bakery Proofer rigorously controls temperature and humidity.  Progress can be observed through the glass door (also available with a stainless steel door).  The Friedrich Bakery Proofer offers the best in durable stainless steel construction.  Take the guesswork out of this critical step in the bread-making process;  rely on the Friedrich Bakery Proofer.  Friedrich...your recipe for quality.

Note:  The Friedrich Double Bakery Proofer is also available.

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