Smoke Generators

The smoke application on your product is like an autograph... uniquely yours.  And whether you're using hickory, fruit trees or mesquite, your smoke application has been carefully formulated.  After all, it's what differentiates you from your competition and brings your customers back for more.

At Friedrich Metal Products, we understand the importance of the smoking operation.  That's why we've integrated the smoke generator with the smokehouse in order to achieve a well-balanced process.

Friedrich's superior design is reflected in the stainless steel construction of the housing, connector pipes and large sawdust hopper.  You'll achieve maximum control with a sawdust delivery system regulated by variable speed control, a fire safety mechanism to prevent flare-ups and a water baffle arrangement to contain fly ash.  The burner plate is positioned for easy access to facilitate cleaning.  Choose the Friedrich Smoke Generator and enjoy reliability while you deliver a quality product to your customers every time.  Friedrich...your recipe for quality.

If you would like to view the spec sheet for the NS 80-1 Smoke Generator pictured above,
CLICK HERE (PDF, 1pg., 85K)

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