Bakery ovens ... "Best-Bake" FMP 901 single rack oven

Friedrich Metal Products introduces the newest technology in baking a rack oven that doesn't require a rotating system, and bakes more evenly.  How do we achieve this?  By moving the air around the rack, we've eliminated the need for the racks to rotate.  The key is getting the right amount of air movement, and in just the right places, to ensure that baked goods get the gentle, even treatment they need.

Having established ourselves as leading manufacturers of ovens for other food processing applications, we took our expertise in air flow and applied it to baking technology with great success.  Our new ovens will bake your breads, pies and cakes to perfection, at lower temperatures and with less maintenance than traditional rack ovens.  Best of all, it's easy to use the Best-Bake ovens just roll the racks in and begin.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Electronic control for pre-programmed recipes
  • Manual override
  • Steam system included
  • Accommodates one rack up to 72" high
  • Approx. size:  64" W x 51-¼" D x 90" H

For more information, select below for PDF specification sheets:

• FMP-901-E (electric) [1-page PDF, 54k]

• FMP-901-N or P (NGas/LP) [1-page PDF, 54k]

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