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Friedrich Metal Products, also known as FMP Oven, is an innovative manufacturer of a broad range of equipment for the food processing industry as well as a custom metal fabricator specializing in stainless steel fabrication.

Friedrich is highly respected for its unique smokehouse products for the meat processing industry.  Friedrich smokehouses are available in many sizes and floor plans for any volume of meat items being handled.  Smokehouses are utilized for virtually all types of meat:  smokehouse for beef, smokehouse for ham, smokehouse for pork, smokehouse for poultry, smokehouse for fish.  Friedrich smokehouses incorporate unique laminar flow characteristics to enable efficiency and consistency of the meat smoking process.  Our smoke house ovens (smoke houses) have state-of-the-art controls that ensure even penetration and consistent cooking of the product.  Whether your batch processing is for 500 pounds or 16,000 pounds, we will meet exact needs...for power (electric smokehouse, gas smokehouse, steam smokehouse or a combination), configuration (one door or tunnel type) and layout restrictions (top-mount, back-mount or split units).

In conjunction with its smokehouses, Friedrich also provides smoke generators.  Whether you use hickory, mesquite or fruit wood, Friedrich's smoke generators provide reliable performance and recipe consistency.  Friedrich also supplies catalytic emissions control units for meat smoking processes.  Friedrich catalytic controls transform potentially harmful smoke and gases from the meat smoking process into inert compounds.  Friedrich catalytic smoke controls help you conform to EPA and/or local emissions standards.

A second major product line for Friedrich Metal Products is its line of Best-Bake bakery ovens and bakery proofing cabinets.  The bakery oven line offered includes units that will hold either one or two bakery racks.  Friedrich's unique approach to commercial baking eliminates the need for complex and high-maintenance turntables.  Instead, Friedrich baking ovens employ a technology that grew from our smokehouse technology.  Specially designed, tapered walls and carefully engineered air flow provide even cooking throughout the baking oven ... something that's virtually impossible with turntable baking ovens.  The Friedrich commercial baking oven line is available in both electric and natural gas/liquid propane models.  For more consistent baking at lower temperatures and less maintenance, insist on a Friedrich Best-Bake bakery oven.

Before your items make it to the baking stage, our bakery proofing cabinets ensure that your bread consistently has the conditions it needs to rise.  Controlled temperature and humidity are provided with the Friedrich bakery proofer.

New to the Friedrich products family is our line of blast chillers.  The blast chiller concept is to quickly and safely lower food products from the hot zone temperature of processing to the cool zone temperature for packaging or storage.  With our blast chillers, we've combined high velocity air with a precise air flow system to minimize cooling time so that your products can avoid bacterial contamination and other factors that can lead to spoilage...and worse.

Finally, Friedrich Metal Products continues to offer its tradition of custom metal fabrication, specializing in stainless steel fabrication.  While much of our production involves food related equipment, that is not our only area of expertise.  Other items we commonly fabricate to customer specifications include electrical enclosures, tanks, machine frames, tables, brackets, racks and special ovens.  Our capabilities include CNC shearing, punching and bending with a capacity up to 3/16" in stainless steel.  We offer  MIG/TIG welding, straight line MIG, light gauge stainless steel track welding, wiring and subassembly and a wide range of design assistance via solid modeling CAD system.